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Grasp the vibration characteristics of hot rolling mill

Grasp the vibration characteristics of hot rolling mill

Dec 31,2021
To test the processing factory abnormal vibration of hot rolling mill, according to the controller vibration data measured on site and mill finite element grab, according to the development of finite element simulation technology, according to the vibration of the concrete and friction, main set main rolling mill and the finite element entity model of the drive system software, as well as the main mechanism of vibration and pulse mill unresponsive to current, There is abnormal torsional vibration in the proper position of the main drive during cold rolling, and the vibration in the left and right directions of the structure is serious.

At present, the research results are consistent with the main frequency of the ACTUAL CPU, the measured data signal is accurate, and the abnormal vibration frequency caused by turning can be clearly displayed, which provides theoretical significance for the development of vibration control countermeasures. Considering sandwich plate rolling cold rolling when the vibration of the system software, the introduction of the longitudinal and transverse interaction system of cold rolling force and its change law, and introduces the concept of dynamic system of cold rolling force, consider the discrete system of the vibration problem is established in the process of rolling roll, bending rigidity and the external motivation of discrete system, established the coupling vibration of the entity model of the discrete system of cold rolling mill Dynamics and phase frequency characteristics of coupled vibration system software for multi-limit treatment.

Through practical application, it is proved that when the discrete rolling mill system has high bending stiffness and external application, the amplitude damage of the system software is significant, and there are two common areas of earthquake accompanied by rebound. At present, the discrete system coupling dynamic individual behavior of the system software can predict the change of the main parameters according to the hole and analysis, and use the discrete system to master the basic theory and verify the chaotic characteristics of the system software, the individual behavior of random points, reducing and preventing the discrete system coupling joint impact of the system software.

Is applied to the improvement of mechanical equipment, to adjust the first roller distance, and then change the diameter of steel, and then based on the radial adjustment of mechanical equipment to adjust radial part of the roll up and down, to find the solution to replace parts with artifacts and test tester, grasp the speed of the steel, and based on the average of mill combined type cold rolling force and the springback, real-time measuring roller between the adjustment of interior space, Ensure accuracy of thickness.
Mace Hwang


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