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Do you understand the common problems in the operation process of pipe bending machine?

Do you understand the common problems in the operation process of pipe bending machine?

Dec 20,2021
Pipe bending machine and any machine, in the use of this or that problem, such as all kinds of bending process, how many there will be some such as: Elbow corner rebound, elbow wrinkle, bulge and drag marks and other problems, today mechanical experts for you to talk about the operation process of automatic pipe bending machine common problems, and the actual operation of pipe bending machine we must pay attention to:

1. When the automatic pipe bending machine starts, pay attention to the body not to enter the category of swivel arm rotation and sweep. When working in CNC lathe, all staff are forbidden to enter the indoor space category of rotary arm and pipe swept. The HYDRAULIC transmission system of CNC lathe uses YA-N32 general gear oil. Under normal circumstances, the oil filter must be cleaned together.

2, adjust the grinding tool, should be adjusted by the regulator to press the button, dry million can not be one person to adjust the CNC lathe, other people in the control box actual operation, adjust the CNC lathe or open empty to remove the core rod. Hydraulic transmission system in the actual operation must pay attention to the size of the working pressure.

3, the other is strictly prohibited in the case of manual side push speed exceeds the angular speed of the rotary grinding tool edge. Generally, after the equipment has been used for a period of time, the tension level of the transmission chain should be checked to maintain the same tightness of the upper and lower transmission chains.

4. In the actual operation of the automatic pipe bending machine, when the bending arm is back to the front, the actual operation staff must ensure that the core head is in the water pipe, or ensure that the core rod is not blocked when the bending arm is back to prevent the core head or core rod from being bent or broken by sheet metal.
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