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How to choose the type and model of hydraulic pipe bending machines according to demand

How to choose the type and model of hydraulic pipe bending machines according to demand

Dec 17,2021
As the skill level of science and technology and enterprise's production and processing requirements, our pipe machining machine tool equipment, has achieved more and more active, everything realized the full active type numerical control bender, pipe bending machine, pipe cutting equipment, has been achieved active loading of all active pipe cutter, for pipe end molding equipment shrink machine acceptance of high speed servo drive, realize all control type machine tools. Hydraulic pipe bending machine is all steel welding mechanism, hydraulic upward transmission, vibration to eliminate stress, high mechanical strength, good rigidity. Hydraulic pipe bending machine is by accepting the main cylinder (firmly on the wall panel) to do downward shear activities, nitrogen cylinder return, so simplify the hydraulic system, more stable operation.

Pipe processing machinery and equipment pipe bending equipment has CNC pipe bending machine, automatic pipe bending machine, hydraulic pipe bending machine, manual pipe bending machine, single head pipe bending machine, double head pipe bending machine and so on. There are a series of special aircraft equipment with different sizes and different industry needs.

Hydraulic pipe bending machine adopts NC control system and PLC control system, according to the different use environment of the industry model size selection, generally in the furniture manufacturing industry, the hydraulic pipe bending machine used to DW38NC single head hydraulic pipe bending machine and DW50NC these two most, and the double head hydraulic pipe bending machine model SW38NC this section, U-bend one-time forming can not only improve the efficiency of the bend but also ensure the flatness of the pipe fittings.

And if in boiler industry or heavy industry such as industry, shipbuilding industry, demand for pipe bending machine is different, because of considering the pipe wall thick and general is given priority to with large diameter of the pipe, so for the power requirement of hydraulic pipe bending machine model is, the greater the common to have DW114NC single-head hydraulic pipe bending machine or DW130NC hydraulic pipe bending machine, etc. In the majority. Large hydraulic pipe bending machine has high production efficiency, and the use of cold bending does not need to be heated pipe bending so that it is more conducive to production requirements.

DW50NC single head hydraulic pipe bending machine and DW-89NC hydraulic pipe bending machine these models are mainly used in auto parts, taking into account the size of the pipe diameter is generally in the majority of about 50mm to 70mm below. At present, due to the high requirements of pipe bending in the pipeline of auto parts, we generally recommend using the same type of CNC pipe bending machine or automatic pipe bending machine to carry out automatic pipe bending of multiple elbows, so as to ensure the production accuracy of pipe fittings and improve the efficiency of pipe bending production.
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