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Where does the force of CNC pipe bending machine come from

Where does the force of CNC pipe bending machine come from

Dec 15,2021
CNC pipe bending machine uses intermediate frequency power supply to heat the steel pipe, and pushes the steel pipe at a uniform speed, so that the heated part of the steel pipe walks along the preset track so as to form a bend with a certain radius of curvature and Angle. Steel tube in place first, via the radial rotary device of screw gearing adjust good bending radius, by using medium frequency induction heating coil steel pipe bend after heated to a certain temperature, powered by hydraulic bending, by car pole pushed forward, the adjustment good at heat deformation and bending radius bending, deformation of steel pipe after the water spray cooling, In order to obtain the required bend pipe fittings. So where does the force of CNC pipe bending machine come from? Taiwan and mechanical experts for you to analyze:

CNC pipe bending machine due to high efficiency, high processing capacity, high precision advantages, is used in electric power construction, railway construction, boiler, bridge, ship, furniture, decoration and other aspects of pipeline laying and repair, with multiple functions, reasonable structure, simple operation, easy to move, fast installation and other advantages.

CNCwan'guan' J adopts hydraulic system to provide power. The change of slide table position, return of rotary device, main drive device and other components all need power drive. The middle slide table and rocker arm rotary device use motor as power source, resulting in large size of equipment and not allowed structure.

The main driving device adopts the motor as the power design scheme, which can realize the stepwise speed regulation, but the equipment size is large and the structure is complex. The equipment to achieve more action, the need for more power sources, using hydraulic drive, the hydraulic motor of each component by the common hydraulic pump to provide power, the main drive device is easy to achieve stepless speed regulation and automatic control; The chuck device adopts hydraulic system for power, which is convenient to clamp the steel pipe and has high working efficiency. The middle slide table and rocker arm drive device have stable operation, small structure size and less equipment investment.

The hydraulic system is used to provide power, with large driving force and high stability. It can also realize stepless adjustment of feed speed, which is convenient to select the feed speed of elbow pipe, and obtain the appropriate feed speed, which increases the maneuverability of equipment. The design structure is simplified, the manufacturing cost is reduced, and the equipment is convenient to maintain.
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