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Do you know the five mechanical characteristics of the automatic pipe bending machine?

Do you know the five mechanical characteristics of the automatic pipe bending machine?

Dec 13,2021
With the continuous development of the automatic pipe bending machine industry, automatic pipe bending machine because of the high precision, stable performance, simple and safe operation, widely used in aerospace, automotive, motorcycle, motorcycle, Marine, petrochemical, electricity, natural gas, nuclear industry, boiler, vehicles, fitness equipment, sporting goods, such as pipe bending processing. Do you know the five mechanical features of automatic pipe bending machine? Taiwan and machinery experts tell you:

1. Complete the linear feeding movement (DBB) of the trolley, which is pulled forward by the tube in the process of bending the tube. In this way, the "positive thrust" is removed, so as to get rid of the synchronization problem between the trolley and the bending speed, and the dc motor negative feedback system set up to increase the "positive thrust" is removed, and the electrical circuit is simplified.

2. The bending head can move horizontally along the guide rail. It is necessary for the bending machine to adjust the bending pipe groove to align with the center line of the machine tool after the bending die is replaced. This is easier than adjusting the machine centerline by adjusting the guide rail and tailstock on the bed body.

3. When bending, the trolley as a load is pulled forward by the tube. In order to improve bending, avoid excessive thinning of the wall thickness of the tube bending part, reduce rebound, and increase the boost device.

4, when sent into the last corner, the car may collide with the press die, then available "interference zone" function, that is, the press die back to the car continue to send into the elbow arm back to space corner (POB), clamping die clamping, clamping chuck loosen, the car out of the interference zone, pressing die pressing, bending pipe. In this way, the elbow not only avoids the collision between the trolley and the press die, but also ensures the smooth completion of the last bend, and can reduce the clamping loss of the material head and reduce the production cost.

5. The elbow arm and the bending spindle are integrated, the elbow bending shaft can be replaced, and the clamping die moves up and down, which not only has a reasonable structure and increases the strength of the mechanical part, but also has a simple structure, so that the electrical circuit is simplified.
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