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How to solve the problem of deviation in the angle of single-head pipe bending machine elbow?

How to solve the problem of deviation in the angle of single-head pipe bending machine elbow?

Dec 9,2021
Single-head pipe bending machine is very common in life, with many functions, reasonable structure, simple operation and other advantages. But after all, machines, because they are designed to bend metal for use, there is a certain danger, if not properly operated there will be a certain degree of danger. Single-head pipe bending machine transmission spindle assembly directly from the head insertion, installation accuracy, maintenance is convenient, elbow spindle and transmission sprocket overall forging, overall processing, overall rolling teeth, no key connection, force uniform, driven by double cylinder, elbow process, the turn arm in close to the bending set angle before the hydraulic system automatic throttle buffer, greatly improve bending accuracy, rapid reset, return process close to the starting point with throttle buffer, greatly improve the efficiency of the reset. Fully hydraulically driven.

In the field of pipe processing machinery industry, single-head pipe bending machine product sales main force or rely on hydraulic system for the core power unit of the machine, has been constantly improving the pipe bending machine equipment pipe bending, cutting, pipe end molding and other processing technology, in the past decade due to the continuous upgrading of the technological revolution, gradually automatic pipe bending machine and numerical control operating system man-machine interchange and other technical areas of the update and upgrade, single-head pipe bending machine and more and more advanced convenience.

In the bus exhaust pipe pipe using our pipe bending machine, because the past hydraulic pipe bending machine in the processing accuracy or can not do, automatic feeding and automatic corner positioning, these are relying on manual measurement to complete, so to a large extent, are unable to achieve high precision and efficiency improvement, but in the past decade the development of numerical control technology revolution, has bid farewell to the past traditional pipe bending machine, the hydraulic pipe bending machine compared to twenty years ago hydraulic pipe bending machine, there is still a lot of technological progress.

With the long use time of pipe bending machine and hydraulic-driven hydraulic pipe bending machine, some parts of the machinery began to age, so we have to have a certain understanding of the pipe bending machine equipment in order to carry out dismantling analysis to find the reason. For some difficult pipe bending processing, then how to improve the accuracy of elbow processing, elbow processing deviation and angle is not accurate how to solve it, the general elbow angle deviation, first of all should look at our pipe bending machine single-head elbow angle controller, encoder is not damaged, and whether there is loose, after excluding encoder problems, we see whether due to elbow arm friction caused elbow deviation, and whether the oil temperature is too high elbow speed is not uniform and the solenoid valve is not very good.ent
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