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How to control the temperature and bending degree of pipe bending machine

How to control the temperature and bending degree of pipe bending machine

Dec 7,2021
With the development of China's pipe bending machine industry and technology constantly updated, to our daily life has also brought a lot of convenience, a variety of fully automatic pipe bending machine varieties continue to fill the market vacancy, to meet various needs, now the main varieties of pipe bending machine on the market are CNC automatic pipe bending machine, semi-automatic pipe bending machine and manual pipe bending machine and other varieties. There will still be some small problems in product processing, which means that elbow processing has many technical problems to solve, such as how to control the temperature and bending degree of elbow processing, and listen to pipe bending machine experts for everyone to come together.

Products in the process of processing when the temperature exceeds a certain value, the surface of the product will appear a certain degree of deformation, so that the surface of the product will appear a lot of fine cracks, in fact, such a problem is not only due to temperature reasons, it is also possible that the elbow processing materials caused by the problem, in the process of processing the product high-speed deformation will lead to the processing of equipment damage.

Crack formation conditions, we all know that the product in the process of processing the length of its cracks can reach vertical axis perpendicular to the crystal boundary, also said perpendicular to the stretch tube clip, after heat treatment, the product needs to bend, the product surface of the micro-crack will become crystal pull, generally study the medicinal processing equipment mechanics and micro-cracking situation, the product's tensile strength in the indoor temperature will not be affected.

Pipeline transportation processing when its elbow processing is different radius and angle of different product bending direction will also change, such a product has become an indispensable part of the engineering pipeline, if the product wall thickness has changed and the mechanical properties of bending changes to affect the quality of the product, the product in the processing of its technology is very important.

In fact, elbow processing technology is very important, in the process of processing we must ensure that the product processing temperature and bending degree, because most of the product surface cracks are due to the processing process by the temperature impact, the higher the temperature of its micro-cracks will gradually increase, a small part is because of thermal bending caused by the product surface micro-cracks.

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