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Development progress of CNC hydraulic tube machine and machine tool intelligence

Development progress of CNC hydraulic tube machine and machine tool intelligence

Aug 24,2021
As my country's policy support for smart equipment manufacturing is constantly increasing, the market size of CNC hydraulic pipe bending machine in the future may reach trillions. In the next few years, the annual growth rate of intelligent equipment manufacturing is expected to exceed 20%. We expect the scale of intelligent equipment manufacturing in 2015 to reach trillions, and by 2020 will exceed 3 trillion yuan, the domestic equipment market share exceeds 60%.

The development of the pipe manufacturing industry and the automation industry increasingly narrowed, in the age of automation and numerical control, if they can not be updated, this means that it is necessary to eliminate, so that the development of fully automatic cnc hydraulic pipe bending machine has stable While the DingsHeng reaches time, we set our eyes into the future of process automation, the future CNC main software will be the CNC era, and we will slowly withdraw from the NC control with the progress and development of technology.

Of course, the NC microcomputer control panel is often used in the CNC machine hydraulic elution and stable. So we also replace updates for devices such as pipes, circular saw metal pipes and pipe bending machines. Although this time it was not broken by the revolutionary era of CNC, improving the screen control procedure without pushbuttons is also progress.

Intelligent manufacturing equipment primarily intelligent measuring and control instruments, CNC tools, industrial robots, new sensors, 3D printing technology, automated kits, etc. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology requires four most important types of products such as intelligent instrumentation, intelligent devices, Including the intelligent special device mainly includes intelligent construction, efficient agricultural machinery, intelligent printing presses, automated textile machines, mechanisms for the protection of the environment, metallurgical cabbage, machines and other types of special machines., Automation, intelligence by various manufacturing processes.

With the rapid development of information technology and modern manufacturing technology, the progress of automation and intelligent manufacturing facilities is constant. In 2010, industrial controls and automation systems instruments, CNC hydraulic tube bending machines, metal circular saw machines, contraction machines and CNC machine tools have more than 300 billion yuan in sales. However, there are still some problems in the smart equipment of the manufacturing industry in my country: nuclear technology such as technological innovation, new detection, advanced control, etc., to remain unable to assets; Automated, weak, high-end industrial scale and special bases sensors, intelligent devices, automatic control systems, high-quality CNC system, the robot market share of less than 5%.
Mace Hwang


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