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Pipe bending speed problem analysis for semi-automatic hydraulic tube bending

Pipe bending speed problem analysis for semi-automatic hydraulic tube bending

Jul 13,2021

If the machine is to run normally for a long time, we need to do a good job of daily maintenance and standard use methods.The widely used semi-automatic hydraulic tube bending machine is no exception. It is essential to be aware of some maintenance attention and the speed of bending tubes.
During the operation of the CNC automatic tube bending machine, the tube bending parts can be maintained under harsh environmental conditions, improper operation and poor operation, and overload. The tube bending system is suitable for operation in the environment of ±40± and humidity 0-95%. The tube bending machine is suitable for domestic use at an altitude of 0-3000 meters. Choose a suitable workplace before working. The site can not only realize the accumulation of straight pipe and elbow pipe, but also ensure that the equipment pressure can be accepted on the ground. Bending function, to check the appearance of the anti-corrosion mother tube to see if there are oil spots, pits, kinks, wrinkles of the wear-resistant layer, determine the wear resistance number and the tube number is not clear, writing errors, mechanical damage and other appearance defects, and record the inspection.
In addition, the main effect of the bending forming speed of the semi-automatic hydraulic tube bending on the forming quality is: too fast, simply forming the flat part of the tube, and the roundness does not meet the requirements, causing the tube to crack or break; The speed is too slow, the crimp of the catheter and the sliding of the pressure block are simply formed, and the large-diameter tube is easy to form a depression of the twisted part of the catheter. It is advisable to confirm the twisting speed of the catheter at 20%-40% of the twisting speed of the machine.
Mace Hwang