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Operation precautions for single-head hydraulic pipe bender

Operation precautions for single-head hydraulic pipe bender

Feb 19,2021
The operation of the single-head hydraulic pipe bender must follow certain steps and methods. Do not move the buttons randomly to avoid unnecessary load on the machine. How is the operation the correct way? Next, we will give you a brief introduction in order.

   Pay attention to the operation of the hydraulic pipe bender.
   1. The automatic pipe bender begins to notice that the human body cannot enter the scale swept by the rotating arm.
  2, automatic bending operation, all staff stop the space in the sweeping space of the boom and pipeline!
  The hydraulic system of the automatic pipe bender uses YA-N32 (signature number 20) normal working oil, which is usually replaced once a year, and the oil filter should be cleaned together.
   4. When adjusting the automatic pipe bender (mold), the regulator must be adjusted by pressing the button. One person never adjusts to the fully automatic pipe bender, and the other person operates in the control cabinet.
  5 It must be removed when adjusting the automatic pipe bender or emptying the car.
  6. ​​The pressure of the hydraulic system cannot exceed 14Mpa. 7. When manually adjusting the speed of the side thrust cylinder, the arm should be adjusted to ≥900. Speed ​​adjustment is the synchronous linear speed bending arm elbow rotating arm, in the manual state, the pushing speed of the thrust line is large, and the rotating mold is stopped. speed
   8. Generally, after using the machine for a period of time, the chain must be checked for tightness, and the upper and lower chains must be tightened.
   9. For the torque in the active mode, the operator must ensure that the core is in the tube or the mandrel does not interfere with the appearance when the bending arm returns before the bending arm returns. Otherwise, the mandrel or core may bend or crack.
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