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What is the development history and trend of CNC pipe bender?

What is the development history and trend of CNC pipe bender?

Jan 27,2021
The history of the development of China cnc pipe bending machines: profile bending machines are divided into horizontal and vertical types. Since the 1970s, CNC skills have been fully developed in the fields of turning, milling, drilling, hammering, grinding, gear processing, and electrical processing. CNC pipe bending machines have also been successfully developed in Shanghai and Beijing. However, the reliability and stability of the CNC system have not been resolved, so it has not been widely implemented. During this period, CNC pipe bending machine tools were used and promoted in processing because of their simple structure, convenient operation and low price.

 In the 1980s, my country introduced some series of CNC systems, DC servo motors, and DC spindle motor skills from Japan’s FANUC company, as well as some new skills from the United States, Europe and other countries, and carried out domestic commercial production. These systems have high reliability and complete functions, which have promoted the stable development of my country's CNC profile bending machine tools, and made my country's CNC pipe bending machine a qualitative leap in function and quality.

Many years later, the types of CNC pipe benders in my country have undergone new development. The types of CNC profile bending machines continue to increase, with complete specifications. Many large-scale CNC machine tools and heavy-duty CNC profile bending machines with complex skills have been developed one after another. In order to keep track of the development of foreign skills, Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute has developed a JCS-FMS-1*2 flexible manufacturing system.

The history of the development of CNC pipe benders Now, my country has established an industrial system based on medium and low-level CNC pipe benders. The development and production of CNC pipe bending machines began in the 1990s. The arrival of the 21st century will be the development, production and application of various CNC pipe bending machines in our country. Metal pipe is a widely used steel material structure, and pipe benders will have more and more broad prospects in the future.

Mace Hwang


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