Food woven bag
Cleaner, safer and sustainable premium food safe and pharma packaging
The biggest challenge for the food and food ingredients industry is gaining and maintaining consumers trust in food safety. Food companies need to avoid any risk on distrust during the entire supply chain, as food safety crisis situations / outbreaks can be concerned as one of the largest threat for companies and even for entire industries.
Dapoly is the international leading expert in packaging.
We have a proven track record of working together with global companies on the food safety of their products. With the LC Packaging Food Safe Assurance Program, we offer the food and pharma industry the cleanest and safest big bags that meet the highest industry standards.
Only if the packaging includes our ‘Food Safe Assurance Program’, it meets the standard of what we believe should be the standards for food safe packaging.
Contact our food and pharma industry experts to learn more about our program.
The importance of food and pharmaceutical safe packaging
  • Preservation of food (nutritional) and pharmaceutical quality and safety
  • Proper containment of food and pharmaceuticals and avoid contamination
  • Protect against chemical and physical damage
  • Protect form, shape and texture of the food inside
  • Regulate moisture content to keep food fresh and to preserve the pharmaceuticals as safely as possible
  • Packaging that helps you meet your sustainability goals
Our leading expertise in food and pharma packaging
  • Highest confidence for food and pharma safety
  • In compliance with legal requirements
  • Own clean-room production meets most stringent safety inspection
  • Excellent barrier technology guarantees proper preservation of the product
  • Produced according to highest production and testing standards
  • Full protection during transportation, storage and operations
  • On-site technical evaluation: your wishes, our experience
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